About Therapeutic Beams

Our Mission

At Therapeutic Beams, our goal is to bring readers the very best red light therapy resources and info to empower everyday people to make the right choices and take control of their wellbeing. We want to make the science behind red light therapy easy to understand, so people can make informed and research-backed decisions without falling for the marketing schemes of big corporations.

With this newfound interest in the world of red light therapy, it’s more important now than ever that we can get the right advice without all the nonsense. There are plenty of people (and corporations) who’d choose to make a quick buck at the expense of providing false information. That’s why we make sure to back up everything we say with evidence from real scientific studies.

Meet The Team

We’ve spent many years in the health industry, gaining unique insights into skin health, sports performance, and general wellness. All of us have personally used red light therapy before, so you know we talk the talk and walk the walk. Our team includes:

Anne, Founder of Therapeutic Beams

Anne Linde, Founder & Head Writer

Anne has been an avid light therapy enthusiast since she first used it to clear up her acne in college. She now primarily uses red light therapy to maintain her youthful looks, even if her husband says she looks as beautiful now as when he first met her all those years ago! She founded Therapeutic Beams in hopes of helping others find answers to questions she had after getting started with light therapy.

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John Ni, Content Editor & Scientific Review

John Ni, Content Editor & Scientific Reviewer

John edits and manages the content production team to ensure top-tier quality articles. He also reviews them for their scientific accuracy. Outside Therapeutic Beams, John contributes to publications like Royal Society of Chemistry, Drug Topics, Practical Dermatology, and more!

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