How We Test & Review Products

This page describes how tests and reviews products.

Our In-Depth Testing & Reviewing Process

Here what our in-depth testing and reviewing process looks like:

1. Research & Selection

  • We start by researching and identifying popular red light therapy products on the market.
  • We consider factors such as customer reviews, brand reputation, features, and specifications to create a shortlist of products for testing.

2. Product Acquisiton

  • Once the shortlist is finalized, we acquire the selected red light therapy products either through direct purchase or by reaching out to manufacturers for review units.
  • We ensure that the products obtained are the latest models available to provide up-to-date information to our readers.

3. Initial Assessment

  • Each product is initially assessed based on its packaging, build quality, design, and included accessories.
  • We take note of any unique features or standout elements that may set the product apart.

4. Testing Phase

  • The red light therapy products are subjected to extensive testing over a predetermined period of time.
  • We follow manufacturer guidelines and instructions for usage to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of each product.
  • We test various aspects, including but not limited to light intensity, treatment area coverage, usability, safety features, and durability.
  • We may also consider additional factors like ease of setup, portability, and user-friendliness.

5. Comparison & Analysis

  • After completing the testing phase for all products, we compile our findings and observations.
  • We compare and analyze the results to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points of each product.
  • We may use objective measurements and subjective assessments based on our personal experiences to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

6. Review Composition

  • Using the collected data, the team at writes a detailed and unbiased review for each red light therapy product.
  • The review includes an introduction, product overview, pros and cons, performance analysis, comparisons to other products, and final verdict.
  • We provide insights into the effectiveness of the device, user experience, and any notable considerations potential buyers should be aware of.

7. Publication & Transparency

  • The completed reviews are published on, ensuring transparency by clearly stating that the products were tested by their team.
  • The website also includes a disclaimer regarding any potential affiliations or partnerships with manufacturers or distributors to maintain transparency and impartiality.

8. Ongoing Updates

  • As new information, user feedback, or updated models become available, we revisit and update our reviews to ensure the information remains accurate and relevant for our readers.