This page describes how TherapeuticBeams.com is funded and the steps we take to ensure this doesn’t affect our editorial standards.

How we make money

At TherapeuticBeams.com, we’re passionate about all things red light therapy and want this site to be as useful as possible when it comes to using or purchasing red light therapy devices, but we’re also a business with costs to pay. We generate income through a form of advertising known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows us to receive a referral fee from some of the products featured on this website should you click a link that takes you to a third-party site where you go on to make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you any more than buying the product directly from the advertiser, and all commissions earned from the referrals go towards keeping this project going. Sometimes, we are offered discounted prices for our readers, and buying via a link on this site can be cheaper than purchasing directly.

How do you balance this with editorial integrity?

If you are wondering how a site that reviews products can balance editorial with commercial interests, here’s how:

  • We only recommend products we either own or would be happy to purchase ourselves.
  • Our writers never know which companies offer affiliate commissions, so there’s no risk of bias (even subconsciously). Only after the editorial process is complete do we then look to add affiliate links where available.
  • We don’t just link to products we have an advertiser relationship with. In fact, some reviews don’t contain affiliate links at all.
  • We look for the best deal available for all products we list, so purchasing through an affiliate link shouldn’t cost you any more than going direct (and can sometimes be cheaper!)
  • We don’t accept payment for reviews.
  • We’re open to reader feedback; if a product we recommend receives consistent and genuine poor feedback, we’ll reconsider recommending it.

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