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Ben Greenfield & Red Light Therapy: The Science & Protocol Explained

Last Reviewed on July 1, 2024

Learn about Ben Greenfield’s red light therapy protocol and how you can use it to revolutionize your health and performance.

With red and near-infrared light therapies becoming more common, new methods of using this treatment have begun to emerge. This includes the protocol suggested by Ben Greenfield based on his personal experiences and the results he has seen since starting his strict red light therapy (RLT) regimen.

Ben, a renowned health consultant, athlete, and fitness trainer, stands at the forefront of this non-invasive therapy, advocating for its multiple health benefits. Specifically, he believes in its effectiveness in boosting testosterone levels, cognitive functioning, and muscle recovery.

So, if you want to know more about his beliefs and methodologies, keep reading.

Key Learnings

  • Red light therapy helps to improve sperm mobility and increase testosterone levels in men.
  • Evidence suggests that RLT can improve and support brain health and functioning.
  • RLT can reduce muscle soreness and help athletes improve their physical performance.
  • Ben Greenfield has a specific RLT protocol, using several devices for set periods and for specific purposes.

Why Ben Greenfield Uses Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a crucial component of Ben’s wellness routine to reap the multifaceted benefits of this increasingly popular treatment.

Increases Testosterone

He claims that red light therapy has helped to raise his testosterone levels; a claim that is supported by scientific research on the benefits of red light. For example, a 2021 study that was published in Reproductive Sciences observed how this treatment increased testosterone levels in mice [1].

While more human studies are needed, there are several studies that look into RLT’s impact on fertility (which may be affected by low testosterone). One study found how shining red LED lights onto sperm improved their mobility in men who suffer from fertility issues [2].

As a result of improved fertility levels, it has also been suggested that exposure to specific wavelengths of red light can enhance male testosterone levels.

Improves Cognitive Function

Ben places a lot of emphasis on the cognitive benefits of his red light therapy routine. In fact, he actively advocates for using red and near-infrared light to help sharpen your mental acuity and overall brain function. And there is evidence for the advantages of red light therapy for the brain, too.

In a study examining how red light therapy could be used to treat chronic, mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) in military veterans, it was found that using a special red light device showed evidence of improved brain function in some patients [3]. It also showed that the improvement in cognitive performance led to better memory, concentration, and executive functioning.

Boosts Muscle Recovery & Physical Performance

Ben highlights the role of red and NIR light therapy treatment in boosting muscle recovery and physical performance and improving your overall well-being. This is particularly relevant to his lifestyle as an athlete.

Similarly, studies have found that red light therapy can help lower the incidence of muscle soreness and damage while boosting muscle mass and improving recovery times [4]. These findings support Ben’s idea that his red light therapy routine can boost his muscle recovery time, reduce inflammation, and enhance his overall athletic performance.

What’s Ben Greenfield’s Red Light Therapy Protocol?

Ben’s red light therapy protocol is based on strategically incorporating light therapy into his everyday routine. It’s also meticulously designed to maximize the therapeutic benefits of light exposure for enhancing different aspects of health and performance.

Greenfield was initially motivated by his quest to improve his testosterone levels, but his routine soon evolved into a more comprehensive approach to optimizing his well-being and holistic health.

Generally, his protocol involves daily light therapy sessions lasting up to 20 minutes. He also usually performs these sessions in the mornings. The RLT devices he uses are placed strategically to deliver light to his entire body. In turn, this provides him with systemic benefits like hormone regulation and improved mitochondrial function [5].

Additionally, Ben uses specialized red light devices to round out his routine, with at least one device for every aspect of his health. This dedication is what has fueled him to share his experiences with others, to help them optimize each session and harness all the benefits of the treatment.

What Devices Does Ben Greenfield Use?

Greenfield uses several light therapy devices to support his impressive RLT regimen. His first choice for full-body light therapy is the Joov red light therapy panels, specifically the Joov 3.0 generation of products.

The panel delivers beneficial wavelengths of red and near-infrared light power, penetrating the skin and underlying tissues to stimulate the production of cellular energy. In turn, various physiological processes benefit from this.

In addition to these panels, he also uses specialized devices like the Vielight, which delivers red light to the brain via transcranial and intranasal pathways. By alternating between the different frequency modes, like alpha and gamma, Ben aims to optimize his brain performance and take advantage of the cognitive health benefits.

Ben utilizes portable RLT devices to maintain his treatment routine when he’s traveling. He uses the Joov Go 2.0, which is a legit light therapy device that is a lightweight and compact version of the full-body red light panel. This allows him to receive targeted therapy on the go.

Final Thoughts

Ben Greenfield’s advocacy for RLT stems from its scientifically backed benefits for his health and the potential benefits that it may have for others – specifically for men with a similar lifestyle. Rather than just a therapy, he sees it as a tool for optimizing your health and performance.

As always, individual results may vary, but if you have any questions on the topic, feel free to leave them in a comment below!


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