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Best Red Light Therapy Devices For Hair Growth: The Top 5 A-Listers

Last Reviewed on March 1, 2024

Discover the best red light therapy devices for hair growth. From laser combs to LED helmets, see what our testing and research says about these cutting-edge devices.

I’ve never felt anything as alarming as when I saw countless hair strands stuck in my brush. It made me worry if I had anything left on my head to style!

I’d already tried vitamins and other “miracle” pills to reduce my hair loss. But the clumps of hair I kept pulling from my brush showed that they weren’t working. I even stopped washing my hair so much and put a silk pillowcase on my bed to pamper my head!

None of those options worked well.

And I didn’t want to get a hair transplant or hair restoration surgery.

So, I researched using red light therapy for hair growth. After seeing such a difference in my hair, I wanted to share my approach so others could get the same benefits.

Here are 5 fantastic devices that can help boost your hair regrowth and prevent further hair loss.

Best Overall PickiRestore Elite

Best Budget PickCurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device

Best Money-Back GuaranteeiRestore Professional

Best For Targeted TreatmentHairMax LaserBand 82

Best Handheld DeviceHairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each device!

The 5 Best Red Light Therapy Devices For Hair Growth

If you want to improve your hair growth and prevent further loss but don’t know where to start, check out these 5 red light therapy devices. From personal testing and in-depth research, I highly recommend them, so let my reviews help you determine what option will work for you.

iRestore Elite – Best Overall Pick

Best Overall Pick
iRestore Elite

iRestore Elite

Premium Option For Those Who Want The Absolute Best

The iRestore Elite is my go-to red light therapy device for hair growth because you can see results in just three months. It works best when you wear it daily for 12 minutes per session.

(Just throw on an episode of Friends for some after-work laughs and hair regrowth. That’s a great Tuesday evening if you ask me!)

You often forget you're wearing it because it’s so comfortable. The air-ventilated design also ensures you never get too hot.

(No one likes to sweat!)

The iRestore Elite boasts a staggering number of laser diodes and LEDs. It has 300 lasers and 200 LEDs, which is why you get such great results so quickly. iRestore spaces the lasers and LEDs throughout the helmet’s interior to send therapeutic wavelengths to every bit of your scalp, using laser therapy to rejuvenate your hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option, check out the iRestore Professional. It’s not as feature-packed as the iRestore Elite, but it gets the job done.

Read our iRestore Elite review.

  • The most powerful device on the market with 300 medical-grade lasers, 200 medical-grade LEDs, and a 2,500 mW power output - so you know you're getting the best out of the best
  • Backed by a 4-month clinical study that showed a 43% increase in hair count - so you know this device walks the talk
  • Comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee and free shipping - so you can try this device risk-free
  • Most users see results in at least three months - so you know you're getting a device that works
  • iRestore, the company behind this laser device, has a proven track record with over 20 years of experience - so you know you're in safe hands
  • Rechargeable battery pack sold separately
  • Very expensive option - definitely not for everyone

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device – Best Budget Pick

Best Budget Pick
CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device

CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device

Best For Those Looking To Stop Hair Loss Without Breaking The Bank

The CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device looks different from other options on the list, but it works so well that you’ll see changes in 4-6 months. In addition to only using LEDs, this option includes headphones.

The headphones are Bluetooth-enabled so you can keep jamming out to your playlist or listening to that murder mystery podcast.

(Not 100% necessary for hair restoration, but it’s a nice perk!)

When I use any LED light therapy device, I’m either relaxing while watching YouTube or listening to music. This helmet lets me use the built-in headphones while I’m doing those things instead of turning up my phone’s volume to ensure I can hear it.

I use it for 10 minutes a day and let the timer shut off the device so I don’t even have to think about it.

The device starts to work by preventing further hair loss and then helps stimulate new, healthy hair growth. After just a month or two of use, you’ll realize your existing hair is stronger. In the following two months, you’ll see thick baby hairs growing all over your scalp. You can continue using it to ensure every hair follicle stays strong.

Plus, enjoy 15% off the CurrentBody Skin LED Hair Regrowth Device when you use code BEAMSHAIR!

Read our in-depth CurrentBody LED Hair Regrowth Device review.

  • More affordable option for those serious about their hair regrowth
  • Uses a clinically-proven wavelength (640 nm)
  • Automatic shutoff time after a 10-minute session
  • Comes with headphones for comfort and functionality
  • Two available sizes to ensure the perfect fit and maximum comfort
  • Includes a 4-month, money-back guarantee
  • Requires daily use
  • Bulkier option so not as wearing-it-in-public friendly

iRestore Professional – Best Money-Back Guarantee

Best Money-Back Guarantee
iRestore Professional

iRestore Professional

Best For Those Looking To Try Red Light Therapy Risk-Free

The iRestore Professional is a low level laser therapy helmet that uses 82 lasers and 200 LEDs (650 nm) to deliver treatment at a more affordable price than the previously reviewed HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272.

If you want complete coverage and don’t want to invest in a HairMax laser cap, you’ll want to try this option.

You’ll wear the helmet every other day for 25-minute sessions. You can wear it while watching TV or doing chores - so you can feel productive after each session.

(No need to sit around watching paint dry!)

I love how the helmet has a built-in timer so you can put it on and forget about it until you’re done. It’s so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing it.

While there's no conclusive evidence on if lasers are better than LEDs (or vice versa), this device provides a combo treatment by using both laser light therapy and LED red light therapy. This provides a contrast to the two previously reviewed devices that either used all lasers or all LEDs.

The design includes 3 soft pads that keep it from weighing down on your head, and the interior is perfectly shaped to fit the curves of your skull. Most people report seeing positive changes between 3-6 months.

Since the company has a 12-month money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in trying it.

Learn more here.

  • Timer lets you know when to end the session
  • Helmet covers the majority of your scalp
  • Comfortable to wear due to the design and soft pads
  • Manufacturer offers a 12-month guarantee (the longest we’ve seen!)
  • Longest session time compared to other options
  • Rechargeable battery pack requires a separate purchase
  • Still fairly expensive


HairMax LaserBand 82 – Best For Targeted Treatment

Best For Targeted Treatment
HairMax LaserBand 82

HairMax LaserBand 82

Best For Those Prioritizing Short Treatment Sessions

The HairMax LaserBand 82 - ComfortFlex is the best option for targeted treatment. If you need to treat hair loss in specific areas, you’ll want to use this device. It has a flexible band that sits easily on your head without making you feel weighed down. The teeth on the band gently part your hair to give the lasers direct access to your scalp to promote growth.

I love the LaserBand because you only need to wear it 90 seconds a day, three times a week, to create a change. You can put the band on every morning as you brush your teeth and get ready for work.

Most people saw baby hair growing after just three months, but since HairMax offers a 6-month guarantee, there’s no risk to trying the LaserBand to see how it works for you.

The width of the band focuses the lasers on specific sections of your scalp, so you can do three 30-second sessions on the front, middle, and back of your scalp.

That’s a complete hair loss treatment in less than the time it takes you to brush your teeth!

Learn more here.

  • Sessions last just 90 seconds
  • More affordable than larger helmets and caps
  • Comes with a charging dock
  • Manufacturer includes a 6-month money-back guarantee


  • No complete coverage. Only applies laser treatment to sections of the scalp one-at-a-time
  • People with sensitive scalps might not like the sensation of the hair-parting teeth

HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb – Best Handheld Device

Best Handheld Device
HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

Best For Those Looking To Treat Specific Spots

Not all red light therapy devices are caps or bands. There are also handheld options.

If you want to feel more engaged in your red light therapy sessions, I recommend the HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and affordable.

It’s also best if you’re specifically concerned about a small portion of your scalp (vs. the entire thing).

Since you have to hold this comb, you don’t want to restrict yourself to long sessions.

I recommend 8-minute sessions 3 times a week for it to be effective. You can add this to your evening routine, so it doesn’t add anything too cumbersome to your schedule.

One of my favorite things about low level light therapy combs is that they’re designed to be used on target areas. While a helmet may only send wavelengths of light to the top of your scalp, you can use the comb anywhere you want.

If your hair is especially thin around your temples and ears, a comb will make it much easier to regenerate new growth in those sections compared to a helmet.

While it might take longer for you to see a change in your scalp, many users reported seeing noticeable results in 6 months. 

In a 2014 clinical study, patients who used the LaserComb reported up to 15 extra hairs per cm^2. This is impressive growth that can lead to a lush head of hair, so it’s crucial to stick with it.

Learn more here.

  • Lightweight design so you can easily handle each session
  • Allows you to focus on specific areas
  • Affordable and portable
  • Rechargeable, with each charge lasting 24 hours
  • Requires manual use to comb your hair for results - adds extra hassle
  • Can irritate the skin of people with sensitivities

Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Yes, red light therapy works for hair loss!

(I’ll share what the science says in a bit!)

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, involves shining red and near infrared light on your scalp to improve your skin cells’ health.

Woman treating androgenic alopecia with red light therapy

People often use red light therapy on their skin for its anti-aging effects, so you’ll see something similar when you use it for hair loss.

The red light promotes good scalp health, encouraging your scalp cells to stay healthy and regenerate new hair, even if you’ve had hair thinning.

This might sound a little too good to be true.

(I get it. I had a pretty similar reaction.)

So, here’s what the science has to say about this:

  • A 2021 study concluded “that red light of 650 nm promoted human hair growth” in those with pattern baldness [1]
  • Men with androgenetic alopecia saw a 35% increase in hair growth [2] and an increase in hair density (+17.3±11.9 hairs/cm2) [3] via 655 nm red light 
  • Women with androgenetic alopecia saw a 37% increase in hair growth via 655 nm red light [4] and a 51% increase in hair count via 650 nm red light [5]

Salons offer red light therapy, but manufacturers started making portable devices you could use at home since the process became more popular.

After all, who wants to go through the hassle of booking an appointment and driving when you can do everything you need in the comfort of your home?

(Not me!)

What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy Devices For Hair Growth?

Red light therapy devices send specific wavelengths of red light to your scalp, stimulating the mitochondria and promoting blood flow.

With increased circulation, your scalp cells receive more nutrients and oxygen. This results in healthier cells that can work to regenerate hair from follicles that previously struggled with producing hair.

Think of these red light devices as the sun encouraging plants to grow. Your skin cells need these light waves to flourish.

Looking for a more science-y explanation?

(I understand.)

Red light therapy impacts the hair cycle by:

  • Inducing telogen (rest) hair follicles to return to the anagen (growth) phase
  • Extending the length of the anagen (growth) phase
  • Increasing the development of active anagen hair follicles
  • Preventing premature entry into the catagen (transition) phase

If that didn’t make sense, don’t worry. I was just as confused when I first read those studies.

Here’s the one-sentence summary:

Red light therapy works by increasing the time your hair spends growing and decreasing the time it spends shedding [6].

Diagram explaining the hair growth cycle

Collagen production also increases with red light therapy. This protein is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage to our hair follicles. It also provides the building blocks for your body to build keratin, a protein that’s essential for healthy hair.

When you try this red light treatment for hair growth, you’ll see these benefits for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Red Light Therapy For Hair Loss

Before choosing a device, consider whether you want a red light comb, cap, or band. 

You should research 1) how to use each option and 2) the overall quality and effectiveness of each product.

We covered both of these considerations earlier.

Reading my experience with these red light therapy devices serves as customer feedback and helps you choose the best red light therapy for hair loss.

Man with receding hairline looking at mirror

It’s important to note that this treatment won’t work for everyone.

(This is a very important disclaimer so please don’t skip this.)

Red light therapy will not work if you are completely bald. You need hair follicles for the light-based treatment to reactivate and rejuvenate.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t use this treatment, nor should people with severe medical conditions, a history of cancer, or recent eye surgery.

If you’re unsure if red light therapy is safe, ask your doctor before trying it.

Final Thoughts

I’ve reviewed 5 amazing options to help you find the best red light therapy for hair growth. 

Overall, I recommend the iRestore Elite as the best option for those serious about regrowing their hair. It has a staggering 500 lasers and LEDs that are designed to give you results faster. Its air-ventilated design and soft cushions also make it easy to wear.

(No more discomfort or sweating while you try to regrow your hair!)

The 12-month satisfaction guarantee makes it a great option for those who are on the fence. This is the longest period we’ve seen from any manufacturer! Wear it for just 12 minutes a day, and if you don’t see results within 12 months, you can take advantage of their money-back guarantee.

It covers the majority of your scalp and works phenomenally well, so it’s the product I recommend to everyone searching for the best natural treatment option for hair growth.

(That said, it is a pretty hefty investment so don’t feel like this is the only option that’ll give you results.)

While I preferred the easy use and quick results of the iRestore Elite, there are other great options available (that we covered above!) if you’d rather use a helmet, band, or handheld comb.

Try one of these red light therapy devices and start inspiring new growth today.


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