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Mito Red Light MitoMOD Review: Who Is This RLT Series Best For?

Last Reviewed on May 1, 2024

Curious about the MitoMOD Series from Mito Red Light? Here’s what you need to know about these red light therapy devices.

Note: The MitoMOD Series is no longer available for sale. We recommend checking out the MitoPRO Series!

When I turned 38, I already had a skincare routine that would make anyone’s husband blush with shame.

I had more creams and masks than I want to admit, and much of it wasn’t working the way I needed. The wrinkles and sagging skin still existed, and I looked every bit of my 38 years on this Earth. Even though I am doing a fantastic job of keeping myself in shape, my joints and muscles don’t bend like they used to. Thanks, Father Time. 

Something had to change. I heard about red light therapy and naturally felt skeptical. Do you mean to tell me all I had to do to improve my skin was bake myself with a colored light? Instead of spending thousands on skincare products, I decided to plunge myself into red light therapy

I want to introduce you to the MitoMOD Series from Mito Red Light. Simply put, this is a plunge worth taking for anyone.

MitoMOD Red Light Therapy Panels
MitoMOD Review

Best for those who want to sit at the crossroads of price and quality, the MitoMOD Series comes highly recommended. This lineup from Mito Red Light comes in three different sizes:

  • The MitoMOD 300, with its 60 LED lights, is the most budget-friendly while still providing visible results
  • The MitoMOD 600, a step up from the MitoMOD 300, has twice the number of LED lights and is best for half-body treatments
  • The MitoMOD 900, the largest panel in the series, has 180 LED lights and an irradiance of 145mW/cm² at six inches, making it a great choice for those who are serious about getting the most out of red light therapy without breaking the bank

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What Is The MitoMOD Series? 

The MitoMOD Series is one of the more popular red light therapy systems from Mito Red Light. If you’re new to this whole concept of red light therapy, then you’re likely unaware of the health benefits.

Woman sitting in front of a MitoMOD red light therapy panel

Red light therapy is the idea that using certain wavelengths of red light on problem areas of your skin can treat wrinkles, acne, scarring, and general signs of aging. Seeing how cluttered my bathroom is with skincare products, what’s one more thing?

Plus, red light therapy comes with a long list of other benefits, from pain relief to hair regrowth and so much more.

So, what’s the science behind this? It’s alleged that proper red light therapy can help stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and increase blood circulation [1]. 

Considering the importance of collagen when it comes to your skin and the constant effort of reducing puffiness in your face, I figured a little red light therapy – we’ll call it RLT from now on because my fingers are already tired from typing that phrase out – wouldn’t hurt. 

The MitoMOD Series is unique because of its modular design. Professional RLT centers can often consist of giant red LED panels that can take up a closet. The MitoMOD can start as one LED panel, and you can modify it to include several more if you’re into that sort of thing. 

This lineup is also a big leg up from their previous offering, the MitoRED Original Series. With MitoMOD, you’re getting more customization and more power. We’ll go more into MitoRED in just a bit.

Let’s go deeper into what you’re getting if you choose to invest in the MitoMOD Series. There are three options to choose from: 

MitoMOD 300

The smallest of the three options, the MitoMOD 300 starts as one 12” x 9” x 3” 115W panel at $249. The MitoMOD 300 comes built with 60 LEDs that pump out 660 nm of red light and 850 nm of near-infrared light. Mito Red Light says this is the best option for those seeking “targeted treatment” like those wrinkles on your face. 

At 6 pounds, the MitoMOD 300 is easy to tote around from room to room. No judgment if you choose to take this to the bathroom and finish treatment in another room.

Despite its small stature, the MitoMOD 300 boasts an irradiance of 135 mW/cm2, which is well above the industry standard of 100 mW/cm2, so you know you’re getting effective doses from this red light therapy panel.

Man sitting next to a MitoMOD 300

MitoMOD 600

Moving up the line, the MitoMOD 600 gives you the same amount of red light and near-infrared light with double the LEDs. You’re also getting a heavier panel at 12 pounds that’s nearly double the size at 25” x 9” x 3”. And, as expected, the MitoMOD 600 provides a stronger irradiance of 140 mW/cm2.

I believe the phrase you’re seeking here is “double the pleasure, double the fun.” The price goes up, too, to $449. Unfortunately, the MitoMOD 600 doesn’t come with a tabletop stand like the MitoMOD 300, so you’ll have to invest in a large vertical or large horizontal stand if you’re not a fan of the included over-the-door hanging system. Still, this is the model that’ll get you into treatment for larger portions of your skin. 

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to set up MitoMOD panels on a vertical stand:


MitoMOD 900

Now we’re onto the big dog. The MitoMOD 900 is the biggest of the three options at 20 pounds and 36” x 9” x 3”. At 3 feet tall, this is the one that you can stand in front of if you’re trying to treat your entire body. Plus, it has the highest irradiance in the MitoMOD Series, with a whopping 145 mW/cm2.

With 180 LEDs, you’re going to be caked in red light – which is not a bad thing! The MitoMOD 900 is the most expensive model at $679 and yes, you’ll need to buy a stand for it if you want something more flexible than the included over-the-door hanging system. At 20 pounds, lugging this large panel around is not necessarily recommended.

Independent Testing Laboratories (ITL), a 3rd party lab, has independently verified that the MitoMOD 900 delivers 47,320 Joules in 10 minutes – making it an excellent choice for those looking to get the most out of a red light therapy device.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality panels with high irradiance, low EMF, and two of the most bioactive wavelengths.
  • Plenty of options for those seeking treatment for areas big and small.
  • You can connect the panels for a more intense experience.
  • LEDs are plentiful and pump out red and near-infrared light.
  • Price - think of these panels as an investment. How much are you spending every month on skincare products anyways?
  • Larger models need a separately sold stand if you want something beyond the included over-the-door hanging system.
  • No timer functionality.

What Makes The MitoMOD Series Stand Out?

The MitoMOD Series appears to have its focus on quality. If you’ve been to any wellness centers recently, you’ve probably seen light therapy spas and glowing (pun intended here) reviews from the staff and maybe a few clients. Imagine getting the spa experience in your home. That’s what you’re getting with the MitoMOD Series.

Still, let’s break down what you’re getting. 

Blonde woman laying in front of a MitoMOD 300

Power & LEDs

We have to start with the system’s core – the power output and the LEDs. Depending on which model you purchase, you will get anywhere from 60 to 180 LEDs. Those LEDs output red and near-infrared light at 660 nm and 850 nm, respectively, and in equal amounts with its balanced 50:50 design.

Studies have shown the positive effects of red and near-infrared lighting at those outputs, so you’re getting a device that’s giving you effective doses [2]. I don’t know about you, but I want to be able to trust what I’m getting is right at industry or clinical standards. 

We have to talk about power consumption, too. You’d think these light panels would be draining your power bill, but that’s not necessarily the case here. 

The MitoMOD 300 is only 115w – a bit over your average 100w lightbulb. While the MitoMOD 600 and 900 use 230w and 345w, respectively – the power consumption is still not more than a few extra lights on in the house. After all, I can’t be the only one telling my family to turn off the lights when they aren’t using them!

Modularity & Expandability

I never thought of getting more than one RLT light panel, but the success I’ve seen from my red light therapy treatments is making me think about getting a second (maybe even a third!) panel. 

The MitoMOD Series’ big selling point is the ability to connect several of its panels to create a truly spa-like experience. Think of it as a LEGO set. Mito Red Light also offers 5% and 8% discounts if you buy two or four panels, respectively.

Man standing in front of a MitoMOD 900 modular system

Popular Use Cases

Pain Relief

The thought of standing in front of a light for pain relief seemed like it wouldn’t work. After all, my purse aspirin gets a workout of its own after my workout routine. Even certain studies indicate the benefits of RLT in pain relief efforts carry a “too good to be true” type of aura [3]. 

However, I can report that after using one of these devices on one of my knees produced a surprising amount of relief – and faster. I still needed to use some of my aspirin, but using a red LED light panel on my knee after a workout was quite effective. This was quite a surprise to me, too, so go ahead and pick your jaw off the floor. 

Skin Treatment

We’ve established by now that one of the major benefits of RLT is how it can help stimulate collagen in the skin to help with sagging and puffiness. With 40 coming up soon for me, I’m well aware of the type of future I face if I don’t take care of my skin. I can look at my mother and my grandmother to remember.

All that aside, what you want to hear is how the MitoMOD Series stands up when it comes to skin treatment.

The best part is knowing medical science is starting to back up and support claims that RLT is another tool in the skincare process – especially if you’re looking for healthier, more radiant skin [4].

Woman using a MitoMOD 300 for skin health

If I had this device when I was 15, I’d probably have cried a lot less in the mirror. My cheeks and my forehead are usually the worst spots for oil deposits on my face, so I monitored them over several days of using RLT. I was astounded by the results. 

What I have learned is that treatment of a few minutes a day with a red light therapy device has led to a lot less puffiness in my face and clearer skin.

All this has helped me understand that the MitoMOD Series is not just a series of light panels – they are the next best thing for consumers seeking medical alternatives to the endless parade of expensive skincare and pain relief products. Perhaps we’ve reached an inflection point?  

Others seem to agree with me, too. 

What Others Say About The MitoMOD Series

Like many of you, I read plenty of customer reviews on a product before I go all-in on something. There’s no better way to determine if something is worth the money than seeing if someone else loved (or hated) a product so much that it moved them to write a review on the Internet. 

When it comes to the MitoMOD Series, I found some seriously happy customers who reported things such as increased energy, less puffiness in their skin, and pain relief.

Let’s take a look at a few of these.

Edna reviews the MitoMOD Series
Kaitlin reviews the MitoMOD Series
Mark reviews the MitoMOD 900

MitoMOD Series Alternatives

With red light therapy turning into a big business for the health and wellness community, it’s important for us to at least discuss the alternatives. In our opinion, Mito Red Light has created one of the BEST mid-range systems for people wanting the perfect combination of price and performance, but let’s take a look at the other models. 

MitoRED Original Series

The MitoRED Original Series is for the budget-conscious consumer. With four different configurations from MIN, MID, MAX, and MEGA, the MitoRED lineup is the original series built for those looking to bring red light therapy to the home without causing their bank accounts to SCREAM. 

MitoPRO Series

It’s really easy to call the MitoPRO Series the “Gold Standard” of Mito Red Light’s offerings here, but that would be underselling it. Okay, so take everything you get from the MitoRED and MitoMOD series, give it a multi-wavelength design with four of the most bioactive wavelengths, and slap a built-in timer on it. BOOM! Meet the MitoPRO Series. Get ready to pay a premium for this Mito Red Light device, though!

Woman sitting in front of a MitoPRO 1500

Comparison: MitoRED vs. MitoMOD vs. MitoPRO

  • MitoRED is the more budget-friendly alternative, but MitoMOD provides endless customization options.
  • MitoMOD is PERFECT for those who want to sit at the crossroads of price and quality.
  • MitoPRO is for those who don’t mind dropping a few more dimes on a 100% spa-like experience.

Where Can I Buy This?

Through the links on our site, you can purchase MitoMOD Series devices that have undergone a verification process for quality and affordability.

Mito Red Light also offers a 2-year warranty and 60-day return policy with no hidden restocking fee.

If you’re looking for the best deal, click through to our verified suppliers for an unbeatable rate!

Overall Review

Nothing made me feel like a superhero getting healthy doses of energy more than a high-quality red LED light therapy device. I’m not saying I should be in the next female-centric Marvel flick, but I should at least be in the running now. 

Jokes aside, the MitoMOD Series is a great help for health-conscious people looking to improve their general wellness and those looking for skin rejuvenation benefits. Even the pain and joint relief benefits from this product make it easy to recommend. 

As I am getting older, I want a product to trust and a company to fall IN LOVE with. With Mito Red Light’s level of quality and concern for the health and wellness of others, I can easily give my heart to this company.

Considering how I’ve been using a variety of red therapy lights, it’s safe to say I can finally clear off the bathroom counters of my ridiculous amount of skincare products. 

Plus, for the month of May, enjoy a 5% discount off the MitoMOD Series when you apply the following Mito Red Light coupon code at checkout: LIGHT5.

Woman using the MitoMOD red light therapy panels


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