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TheraFace PRO Review: The Best All-In-One Skincare Device?

Last Reviewed on July 1, 2024

Discover the TheraFace PRO, a game-changer in skincare that offers both instant relaxation and long-term skin benefits with its innovative 6-in-1 technology.

Today, I’m zeroing in on the TheraFace PRO by Therabody. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with skincare devices. I’m always on the lookout for that one device that can really make a difference, and I’ve tried enough to know what stands out.

The TheraFace PRO is a 6-in-1 wonder, delivering real results for a variety of skin needs. From percussive therapy to LED light and cleansing, it’s a skincare Swiss Army knife. I found it to be pretty impressive.

To find out whether the TheraFace PRO deserves a permanent place on your bathroom counter, keep reading. I’ve got all the personal insights to share with this TheraFace PRO review that might just help you make up your mind.

What Is The TheraFace PRO?

You’ve heard of the Theragun, right? That deep tissue massager from Therabody that had everyone raving? Well, imagine that, but specifically for your face.

The TheraFace PRO rolls 6 different skin tools (8 if you get the separate hot and cold ring) into one handy gadget. You have things like a face-toning microcurrent attachment and a cleansing brush, plus LED light therapy. The cool part? All these bits snap on with magnets, so it’s super easy to switch between them.

If you’re looking to invest in your skincare routine and don’t mind spending a bit extra, the TheraFace PRO is for you. With its ability to deliver multiple treatments – from skin firming and wrinkle reduction to combating acne – this device is a pretty neat all-in-one solution for those serious about skincare.

Yes, it’s a bit of a splurge at $399 but for a device that offers so much and delivers noticeable results, it’s worth considering for an upgrade to your daily skincare regimen.

Woman using handheld red light therapy device on neck

Pros & Cons

After testing the TheraFace PRO, I’ve compiled a couple of my likes and dislikes about the device.


  • Combines functions of several high-end skincare devices in one
  • Magnetic attachments for hassle-free operation - makes swapping “modes” super easy
  • Highly customizable, from different LED light options to multiple percussive therapy strength settings and so much more
  • Leaves skin looking plumper and more vibrant
  • Built-in timer so you know when to move the device to a new area of your face 


  • Hot and cold rings are sold separately
  • Not waterproof so can't be used in the shower
  • Can’t use red and blue LED lights simultaneously
  • Multiple attachments and combination options - can be a bit overwhelming when first using the device
  • Quite pricey compared to other handheld devices

What Makes The TheraFace PRO Stand Out

If you’re new to the world of beauty tech or are looking to take your skincare routine to the next level, the TheraFace PRO alone has you pretty much covered. Even for those who already have a bathroom full of gadgets, it still stands out.

The percussive massage feature is perhaps the most appealing, especially if you’re dealing with facial tension or headaches. Combine that with its other features and functionalities, and it’s clear why the TheraFace PRO isn’t just another tool.

Percussive Therapy For The Face

The first feature I have to discuss is the percussive therapy attachments – this is where the TheraFace PRO really shines. It’s like getting a mini massage on your face, and it feels as good as it sounds.

You have three different percussive attachments that each target different areas of your face and neck. The flat head is great for general soothing, while the micro-point and cone help with targeted treatment in specific spots, e.g. jaw pain.

What’s cool is the adjustable speeds – it lets you tailor the intensity to your liking. Using this feature not only feels relaxing but also helps in easing muscle tension.

Man demonstrating handheld massage device on face

Percussion-Driven Cleansing

Cleansing your skin is one thing, but the TheraFace PRO takes it a step further. The cleansing ring adds a percussive element to your routine, making it much more effective than just your average scrub.

It gives your skin a gentle, exfoliating massage that really gets down to the nitty-gritty, helping to loosen trapped dirt, oil, and dead skin. This leaves your skin with a kind of glow that’s hard to get with regular washing.

Just a heads up – pairing the cleansing attachment with a strong exfoliant might be a bit much for some sensitive skin types.

LED Therapy For Wrinkles & Acne

LED light treatments are all the rage, and the TheraFace PRO packs three types (red light, blue light, and red-plus-infrared light) into one device.

Red LED light is great for those pesky eye wrinkles, blue LED light for acne, and red-plus-infrared for both wrinkles and pain relief. The best part? The device knows when the LED light therapy attachment is close enough to your skin to work its magic, so you don’t have to guess.

The light therapy attachments are also incredibly user-friendly and you can keep the flat percussive attachment on while using the LED light ring.

If you’re curious what the science has to say, research has found red light therapy to “significantly improve skin complexion and skin feeling” and blue light therapy to help reduce mild-to-moderate facial acne [1, 2].

Microcurrent Therapy For Skin Rejuvenation

The microcurrent therapy is like a mini workout for your face. It uses low-level electrical voltage to stimulate your facial muscles, helping with tightening and toning. Microcurrent technology has also been shown to stimulate collagen production, improve tissue repair, and even help relieve sinus pain [3, 4].

Woman using handheld microcurrent device on face

To get the most out of this therapy, it’s essential to use the conductive gel (which conveniently comes with the facial device). The idea is to glide the device in directions to brighten and tone your skin. The results? Well, let’s just say it’s like a morning pick-me-up for your face.

Tip: Make sure you use enough conductive gel. Otherwise, the microcurrent will “bounce” off your skin without reaching the facial muscles.

How To Use The TheraFace PRO

Here are some explanations on how to use the different attachments that come with the TheraFace PRO.

Variety of therapeutic rings and attachments for the TheraFace PRO

The Microcurrent Attachment

Here’s how you use the microcurrent attachment:

  1. Preparation: Before starting, apply the conductive gel to your face to ensure the microcurrent is properly transmitted without causing discomfort. If you don’t have the TheraOne Conductive Gel, any aloe-based gel can also work due to its viscous nature.
  2. Turn On the Device: Activate the microcurrent attachment on your TheraFace PRO. The device is designed with an auto-shutoff feature that activates after eight minutes, which is your maximum usage time per session.
  3. Application Technique: Gently glide the attachment over your face in slow, five-second swipes. It’s recommended to repeat this motion about three times across different areas of your face for optimal coverage and effect.
  4. Frequency: You can safely use the microcurrent attachment once every 24 hours. Regular use is key to achieving visible firming and tightening results.
  5. Post-Use Care: After use, ensure you clean the microcurrent attachment according to the TheraFace PRO cleaning instructions to maintain hygiene and device integrity.
  6. Observe Results: With consistent use, you should notice your face appearing more lifted and awake. The immediate, visible difference is a significant benefit of incorporating this attachment into your daily skincare routine.

The Cleansing Attachment

Here’s a guide on using the cleansing attachment:

  1. Apply Cleanser: Start by applying your chosen cleanser to your face. Avoid cleansers with microbeads or harsh exfoliants, as they may not be suitable for use with the device.
  2. Activate the Cleansing Ring: Attach the cleansing ring, and turn on the TheraFace PRO. This feature uses percussive technology to enhance the cleaning process by effectively removing dirt, oil, dead skin, and other impurities.
  3. Gentle Application: Gently move the device around your face, section by section.
  4. Use With Caution on Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive or very dry skin, be cautious. Use the device sparingly, especially on days when you need an extra-deep clean, to avoid irritation.
  5. Clean After Use: Always clean the cleansing attachment after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria. You can wipe it down with a towel or an alcohol-free wipe.

The Percussive Attachments

Here’s how to use the percussive attachments:

  1. Choose Your Attachment: Select from the three percussive attachments based on your needs:
    • Flat Head: Ideal for easing tension across the entire face, chest, and neck.
    • Micro-Point Head: Best for stimulating circulation in broader areas, such as the forehead and cheeks, to promote a healthy glow.
    • Cone Head: Designed for targeted treatment around sensitive areas like the eyes and specific pressure points.
  2. Adjust Speed Settings: The TheraFace PRO offers three speed options. Choose the speed that feels most comfortable for you, taking into account the sensitivity of the area you’re treating.
  3. Apply Percussive Therapy: Use the device to gently apply percussive therapy to the desired areas. This method combines rapid movements and vibrations to relax facial muscles and reduce tension. It can be especially beneficial for alleviating jaw pain or symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders).
  4. Experience the Benefits:
    • For those without specific facial or jaw pain, the percussive treatments are still enjoyable and beneficial for relaxation and improving skin appearance.
    • The micro-point head can leave your face looking healthier and more radiant, a welcome effect for those with dry skin.
    • The cone head is particularly effective for reducing puffiness around the eyes, offering quick relief from tension.
  5. Use Regularly: While the benefits of percussive therapy can be immediate, incorporating it into your daily routine can provide lasting relief and visible improvements in skin health and tension reduction.
  6. Clean and Maintain: Remember to clean the attachments after use and follow the TheraFace PRO’s maintenance guidelines to ensure hygiene and device longevity.

The Light Therapy Attachments

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the light therapy attachments:

  1. Select the Right LED Light: Choose from the three available light therapy rings based on your skin concerns:
    • Red Light: Targets signs of aging by promoting collagen production and enhancing skin elasticity.
    • Blue Light: Effective for treating acne by killing bacteria on the skin’s surface.
    • Red-Plus-Infrared Light: Specifically designed to reduce wrinkles, particularly around the eyes.
  2. Understand Combination Use: You can use the red and red-plus-infrared light rings in conjunction with the percussive attachments for a multifaceted treatment approach. However, avoid using the blue light ring simultaneously with percussive attachments to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  3. Application Technique: For each light setting, hold the attachment close to the specific area you’re treating for 45 seconds at a time. This focused approach allows the light to penetrate the skin effectively.
  4. Frequency and Duration: Incorporate the light therapy into your skincare routine as needed. The blue light can be particularly helpful for occasional breakouts.
  5. Evaluating Efficacy: While immediate, dramatic results may not always be visible, especially with anti-aging treatments, regular use can contribute to overall skin health and appearance. The ease of combining light therapy with percussive treatments makes for an efficient and enhanced skincare regimen.
  6. Consistency Is Key: Regular use of the light therapy attachment, tailored to your specific skin concerns, can amplify your skincare results over time. It’s a supportive addition to any routine, whether aiming to combat acne or signs of aging.

TheraFace PRO Alternatives

Nowadays, investing in at-home skincare is more popular than ever. Why spend hundreds of dollars repeatedly on in-salon treatments when you can confidently do it for yourself at home?

Multiple brands are taking advantage of this, offering new, advanced skincare tools on the market.

Solwave Wand

The Solawave Wand is a more budget-friendly choice. It combines red light therapy with a gentle facial massage, soothing warmth, and microcurrent therapy. It’s especially great for tackling wrinkles and dark spots. However, it doesn’t offer the diverse range of treatments that the TheraFace PRO provides.

That said, if you’re looking for an easy, no-frills way to fight wrinkles and get that radiant glow, I highly recommend this facial wand. As explained in this Solawave Wand review, there’s only one button to press. No complicated attachments to figure out.

(Sometimes, simple is best!)

Woman using facial red light therapy tool

CurrentBody LED Mask

Not a fan of handheld devices? Don’t worry – the CurrentBody LED Mask provides a hands-free way to treat a number of skin concerns. This device uses 132 LEDs: 66 red (633 nm) and 66 near-infrared (830 nm) to rejuvenate your skin cells, improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles.

Learn more about this device in our CurrentBody LED Mask review.

woman wearing led face mask


The FOREO UFO 3 is like your personal at-home spa specialist, boosting skin moisture and targeting aging signs. This might be up your alley if you’re into techy stuff and love personalizing routines through an app.

It features 4 skincare technologies: warming thermo-therapy, cooling cryo-therapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonic™ massage therapy.

The one downside, however, is that you’ll need to use it with their UFO™ Activated Masks for the best results – which some might not be the biggest fan of.

LightStim for Wrinkles

LightStim is all about smoothening those fine lines and getting your skin’s youthfulness back by stimulating collagen and elastin production. It’s a solid pick if your main concern is anti-aging. But, it’s more of a one-trick pony compared to the TheraFace PRO, which does this and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Use The TheraFace PRO?

You should use the TheraFace PRO in moderation. Aim for a weekly microcurrent treatment, as overdoing it can be counterproductive. Therabody advises not to exceed eight minutes for any facial therapy session. Specifically for the microcurrent feature, limit its use to once every 24 hours. For LED light therapy, 3-4 times a week is recommended.

Does The TheraFace PRO Help With TMJ?

The TheraFace PRO can be beneficial for reducing tension and minor pain in the face and jaw, which may help with TMJ symptoms. However, it’s important to note that TMJ is a medical condition that should be diagnosed by a professional. Always consult a medical professional before using the device.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

The results can vary but you can expect to see results within 12 weeks. In fact, a 12-week clinical study found that participants using the TheraFace PRO experienced improvements in skin elasticity, firmness, facial contour, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles [5].

How Long Is The Battery Life?

The battery life of the TheraFace PRO is 120 minutes. That’s around 15 treatments – so make sure you mark on your calendar when to recharge the device. After all, it’s no fun if the device dies on you mid-treatment!

How To Clean It?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning the TheraFace PRO:

  1. Gently Wipe the Device: Use a damp cloth or an alcohol-free cleansing wipe to clean the TheraFace PRO. Avoid using harsh chemicals or soaking the cloth too much.
  2. Handle Attachments Carefully: Except for the Cleansing Ring, all other rings and attachments should be wiped using a damp cloth or an alcohol-free wipe. Do not submerge them in water.
  3. Wash the Cleansing Ring: The Cleansing Ring is unique because it’s fully waterproof. Feel free to wash this attachment under running water for thorough cleaning.
  4. Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, make sure the TheraFace PRO device and all attachments are completely dry before you store them or use them again.
  5. Avoid Immersion: Remember, the TheraFace PRO is water-resistant, not waterproof. Never fully immerse the device in water to prevent damage.

Our Verdict

Our verdict on the TheraFace PRO? If you’re really into your skincare and love the idea of spa-like treatments at home, then this device isn’t a bad choice.

That said, it’s a bit of an investment. While you’re getting the functionality of six different beauty tools in one, it’s arguable if you need all of them. If you do, great – it might be worth it. Otherwise, you’re paying a premium for options you don’t need.

For example, if anti-aging is your main concern, the Solawave Wand might be all you need. It’s less than half the cost of the TheraFace PRO and still includes red light therapy, microcurrent therapy, and more.

Regardless, instead of shelling out cash on multiple devices, both devices provide an all-in-one solution.

Bottom Line: There’s a bit of a learning curve, and it may not be for everyone – but it’s definitely worth it if you plan on using all the attachments! If you’re ready to take that plunge into advanced at-home skincare, go ahead and check out the TheraFace PRO.


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